Are Russian Women Beautiful?

By , 24 August 2015

Are Russian Women Beautiful?
Are Russian Women Beautiful?

"Zo," he starts in a thick Russian accent, "You like ze Russian women?"

Oh god. Not this conversation again.

"Ahhhh." I start my reply cautiously. I still haven't quite figure out how to break it to the Russian men how I really feel about Russian women. "They are good at makeup."

He glances at his friend and takes another shot of whisky. Obviously this was not the reply he was expecting. The Russian men are proud of their women and like to see the foreigners falling all over them.

"Vot about zis vun hey?" A young Russian women walks to join a small group of people not far from us and ends up with her back to us. She has long straight brown hair, a good figure, tight jeans and of course, heels.


Yes, from she here she looks beautiful but unfortunately my new Russian friend had chosen a bad example. I knew this girl already. Actually, my friends and I had just spent a good part of an hour flirting with her and her friends.

Are Russian Women Beautiful?

The truth is, up close she is just another average girl in heels and lipstick.

"Yes, she is very beautiful". I didn't want to disappoint him. I mean what was the point? It seems I an outlier with my perspective on what constitutes a beautiful woman.

It is unusual for me to arrive in a new country and not feel attraction for the local girls and it certainly wasn't what I was expecting when I arrived in Russia. I like Russian girls. They're passionate and playful as long as they are familiar with you.

I just don't think they're beautiful.

The simple fact is that the huge majority of the population in Russia are just ordinary people trying to make a living and are NOT either mafia bosses or their girlfriends like in the movies. Walk through the street in Moscow and you might as well be in Berlin for standards of beauty.

Of course, that's just the general public. What about the nightlife? The cafes, bars, and clubs where all the cool beautiful people hang out?

Perhaps it is me or perhaps it is Russia. I can't be sure, but I feel like something has changed. I stood with a friend at the bar and we talked about the strange environment we were in. An environment where everyone had a mask to hide behind. A hat from the 20s or a wolf tattoo or a white jacket or an aloof expression. Then we talked about the reality of their lives. Their boring jobs, their credit card debts, their perpetual dissatisfaction with their love lives.

We laughed. It was like the masks just weren't working anymore.

In India I met a girl wearing a purple blanket. Her hair was in a tangle, she wore flip flops and she said what she thought. I was attracted to her creativity and language skills, but I thought she was probably a little ... well ... fat. It wasn't until the blanket came off and we were showered and naked that I discovered she was slim and beautiful. She is now my girlfriend.

Russian girls do have quite nice hair but experiences like mine have conditioned me to look past the heels and lipstick.

Sorry Russia, it's nothing personal.

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Are Russian Women Beautiful?

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Comment posted by: Harout Semizyan, 4 years ago

I wanted to know her name because I thought you found the picture on social media.

Comment posted by: , 4 years ago

She is a friend of mine. It is one of her selfies. Why do you ask?

Comment posted by: Harout Semizyan, 4 years ago

Where did you get the picture of the girl?