Accommodation in Buenos Aires

By , 28 January 2011

Accommodation in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires offers some good accommodation for global citizens, students and travellers wishing to stay in the city for several months or more. Let's start with some online resources you can use to find your accommodation.

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Accommodation in Buenos Aires

So how much should you expect to pay? Well, here is a list of the studio apartments I looked at when moving here. The prices are listed in USD for monthly rental including expenses such as Internet and electricity. The deposit is usually 2 weeks or one month rent depending on how long you stay. The admin fee is once off when you check in. Note, some of this links may have expired by the time you read this.

If you want to live with a friend, stay in a share house or if you are here for the long term you can probably halve your accommodation costs.


Apartment Suburb Monthly Rent Admin Fee
Defensa y Indepencia San Telmo 600 30
Piedras and Belgrano San Telmo 600 40
Mansilla y Coronel Diaz Palermo 650  
Av de Mayo & Santiago del Estero Congreso 650  
Av. Libertador & Montevideo III Recoleta 690  
Vicente Lopez St Recoleta 690  
Esmeralda and Lavalle II Downtown 690 40
San Luis y Billinghurst Abasto 730 35
Cabrera y Urilarte Palermo 750  
Palermo Loft Palermo 750  
Plaza Serrano Palermo 780  
Talcahuano & Bartolome Mitre Congreso 875  
Palermo Viejo Palermo Viejo 900  
Oro y Paraguay Palermo Soho 990  


One final note. If you rent directly from the owner check first if they have any ridiculous house rules about what you can and can't do or who you can and can't see, before you move in.

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Accommodation in Buenos Aires

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Another great site to rent directly from the owner in Buenos Aires is

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Otro muy buen sitio web para encontrar alquiler por dueño directo en Buenos Aires es

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