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Buses From Rio de Janeiro to Bolivia

By , 3 April 2011

Buses From Rio de Janeiro to Bolivia

Here's some useful info on buses from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to Bolivia courtesy of Carol, my new friend on Couchsurfing.

There is a bus "Andorinha" that goes from Rio de Janeiro to Puerto Suarez (Bolivia side), the cost of the ticket is 269 R$, it leaves at 10:30am from the Rodoviária Novo in Rio, the trip is very long but quite interesting because you will pass trough the pantanal and the landscapes are wonderfull!!!!, the trip takes like 28 hours!! and from there you can take a train for 70R$ to Santa Cruz or by bus for about 12R$, is about 12 hours to Santa Cruz and by bus is not good and comfortable, but by train is very good, they go by the death road :), there are three kind of trains going to Santa Cruz, the most expensive "Expreso Oriental, Super Pullman" (70R$) is very good, the ticket includes dinner and breakfast :)

Buses From Rio de Janeiro to Bolivia

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Buses From Rio de Janeiro to Bolivia

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Comment posted by: Roger Keays, 5 years ago

The home page for the train company is http://www.ferroviariaoriental.com/ or go directly to the timetable: http://www.ferroviariaoriental.com/portals/0/ItinerarioPasajeros.htm

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