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Cheap Guest House Tokyo

By , 13 November 2009

Cheap Guest House Tokyo

While looking for a new place to stay in Tokyo, I collected some data in a spreadsheet like a good little boy scout should. Now you get to benefit :) For comparison purposes ¥1 is currently about 1.2c in Australia.

Basically, you get what you pay for. You can get private accommodation from ¥1200 / night if you don't mind squeezing through a hole to get into your 'room'. Your room in this case is just your bed. Any livable space is going to cost ¥2000 / night at the very least.

November / December seems like a pretty good time in terms of prices. Several of the guest house agencies were having specials, so I managed to get a place at a pretty good price, and without paying a deposit. How? Well, I first I went through the following directories:

Cheap Guest House Tokyo

The guest house agencies have pretty handy websites and give you plenty of details about the rooms and locations. The locals advertising on Craigslist and individually managed places are more or less hit an miss as far as I can tell.

Here are the rooms I investigated. The rate column is monthly rent, fee is a once off non refundable management, cleaning or other fee (i.e. tax), and, being somewhat sceptical, I made two total columns. The second one presumes your landlord runs off with the deposit after your one month stay. Mats is the size of the room in Japanese tatami mats, which are about 1.6m² each.

Listed Building # Rate Fee Deposit Tot (min) Tot (max) Location Mats
Roomfinder Asakusa Crib 10 27000   10000 27000 37000 Asakusa, Taito 2
Roomfinder Tataba Crib   36000   35000 36000 71000 Tataba, Kita 4
DMOZ Yoshida House   50000 0 0 50000 50000 Oizumi, Nerima 4,5
Craigslist Urawa Home   50000 0 20000 50000 70000 Urawa 6
Craigslist Asakusa GH priv 52000 0 52000 52000 104000 Asakusa, Taito  
DMOZ GH 1965 A 57000 0 20000 57000 77000 Higashiogu, Arakawa  
Oakhouse Ueno-nishi 103 59800 0 0 59800 59800 Uenonishi, Taito 3,7
Oakhouse Akabane 102 59800 0 0 59800 59800 Shimo, Kita 6,4
Craigslist Waseda   54000 6000 0 60000 60000 Waseda, Shinjuku 8
DMOZ Kaminarimon I 62500   20000 62500 82500 Asakusa, Taito 3
Sakura Morishita 105 53000 10000 30000 63000 93000 Tachikawa, Sumida 4
Craigslist Ogikubo   54000 10000 30000 64000 94000 Asagaya, Suginami 5
Roomfinder Modern Asakusa 202.2 68000   56000 68000 124000 Asakusa, Taito 4,3
Sakura Narimasu 2 105 59000 10000 30000 69000 99000 Akatsuka, Itabashi 7,5
Sakura Machiya 202 59000 10000 30000 69000 99000 Machiya, Arakawa 6
TOHTO Kami-Itabashi 202 65000 10000 0 75000 75000 Kami-Itabashi 6,2
Sakura Meidaimae 102 67000 10000 30000 77000 107000 Izumi, Suginami 4,5
MGHL Asakusa II 202 56000 30000   86000 86000 Asakusa, Taito 4,3
Borderless Iidabashi 2F 82000 5000 15000 87000 102000 Koraku, Iiadabashi 5

In the end, I took the Ueno-nishi room, and lucky for me one of the guests decided he preferred the small room, so I got the larger room, 101 at the same price. It's awesome, in my favourite Tokyo city and right near Ueno park. Being a good boy scout really paid off this time.


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Cheap Guest House Tokyo

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