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Cheap Second Hand Bikes in Singapore

By , 17 March 2010

Cheap Second Hand Bikes in Singapore

If you're looking for a cheap second hand bike in Singapore, you might like to check out this shop I found in Paya Lebar. I picked up a pretty good second hand bike there for just SGD 40. It got stolen from Little India the day before I left Singapore, so next time I'll make sure I get a better lock :)

Here are the a picture and details of the shop. It's a kilometre or two from the nearest MRT station, Paya Lebar.

New G Sports
330 Tanjong Katong Rd
+65 6348 1871


Cheap Second Hand Bikes in Singapore

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Cheap Second Hand Bikes in Singapore

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Comment posted by: zakir, 4 years ago

Hello. I was searching for the cheapest bicycle and my budget is only $50. so is it possible that i can get a second hand bike without exceeding the $50?

Comment posted by: Sathiya, 4 years ago

 Hello sir morning I am looking for class 2b bikes if u have anything good bikes below 2000 s$ plz let me know I am planing to buy second hand bike thanks 83879757 this is my contact no

Comment posted by: wilfred, 5 years ago

i am looking to buy a container full of used motorbikes(scooters). let me know if you can supply me with the goods.reply soon

Comment posted by: haryoto, 6 years ago

hi sir, you may have bike with full suspension

how much is it?


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