French Food Challenge

By , 25 April 2011

French Food Challenge

French cuisine is one of the most varied and rich cuisine of the world. If you imagine French food to be onion soup, fois gras, beouf bourginon or escagots, then be prepared for a long journey. As there is such a wide collection, we have prepared several levels. In this level, you should be able to find the dishes in most restaurants. And don't be surprised if it doesn't include onion soup, it is actually not often found on the french restaurant menu. 

If you are ready, allez-y!

French Food Challenge
Salade Végétarien

The vegetarian salad usually includes potatoes, tomatoes, french beans, emmental cheese and salad. There are variations that may include eggs or ham and they will be called Salad Parisien.  

Salade Nicoise

Salade Nicoise is the next most commonly found salad on a french menu. The key ingredients or signature of salade nicoise is marked by tuna and anchovies. Although sometimes it can come without anchovies. Sometimes olives are include.

Malgré de Canard

Canard means duck in french. The french know what they are doing with the duck. There are different ways to cook a duck in the french cuisine. In this version, duck is grilled and served with different types of sauces. It usually goes well with fruit sauces such as orange, mango, pear etc. It can also be served with black pepper sauce. 

Don't be surprised if the waiter asked you how you would like the duck cook. Like beef, you can order duck cooked raw, medium or well done. French people will tell you the best option is "rosé" which means medium rare.

Beef is well-loved in france and comes in so many names. A beef steak on the menu is never just called a beef steak, it is dependent on the cut. The most common types you'll find on the menu includes bavette, pavé, piece du boeuf, faux fillet, entrecote. Here, it is served with black pepper sauce.
Moelleux au Chocolat / Mi-cuit

The most famous chocolate cake in the world must be the french chocolate cake. For all the chocolate lovers out there, nothing beats this. The chocolate cake is served warm and when you cut into it, chocolate oozes out. This is also why it is sometimes called mi-cuit which literally means half cooked. It is often served with creme anglaise which is a form of light whipped cream.
Créme Brulée

Ever since the french movie Amelie where she cracks the burnt sugar with a spoon, créme brulée has also grown in popularity. We don't really need the movie since this such a great and tasty dessert. Variations to the standard versions include a slightly orange perfumed or poppy seeds.
Café Gourmand

This is a sample plate of desserts served with coffee espresso . When you are spoilt for choice of desserts, this is a great solution. In this version, it is served with strawberries, moelleux au chocolat and panna cotta. It can vary depending on the restaurant so be sure to ask!


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