Getting a Brazil Visa in Argentina

By , 20 March 2011

Getting a Brazil Visa in Argentina

Getting a tourist visa for any country shouldn't really be that difficult. In fact getting a tourist visa for Brazil in Argentina isn't that difficult, but some bureaucrats are. So here is the score. If you want to get your visa from Buenos Aires you're going to need a lot of spare time on your hands. Firsty, you need to make a booking just to submit your application. These appointments can be booked out weeks in advance and are limited to 10 or 12 per day.

The lady handling tourist visas when we were in Buenos Aires was especially unhelpful and unwilling to make even the smallest of compromises. She even decided it was lunch time in the middle of talking to us and simply turned her back on us.

Presuming you have an appointment and all the necessary documents (bank statements, return tickets, passport photos etc) it's still another 10 working days for processing (3 if you pay extra). Add in public holidays and we were looking at a 3 to 4 week wait for a tourist visa.

We were pretty desperate by this stage as my Argentina visa was expiring pronto. Fortunately there is an easier way.

Getting a Brazil Visa in Argentina

The staff at the Argentinian town of Puerto Iguazu, near the famous Iguaçu Waterfalls handle a lot more visa applications and can turn them out in 24 hours at regular prices. No need for bank statements, return tickets or any of that rubbish. Just the one page application form and your passport photo. Easy as pie and no unnecessary hoops to jump through. Well... except the 18hr bus trip to Puerto Iguazu of course.

The Brazil Embassy in Puerto Iguazu is at Avenida Cordoba 264, just one block from the bus terminal. Call +54 3757 421 348.

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Getting a Brazil Visa in Argentina

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I love Argentina country, it is very beautiful. I am also interested to visit Argentina country in the upcoming Public Holidays of Argentina in 2014.