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How To Avoid Being Mugged

By , 11 March 2011

How To Avoid Being Mugged

There was an interesting thread on the Couchsurfing Buenos Aires forum recently about how to avoid being mugged. I should also note at this point that I don't feel that Buenos Aires is particularly dangerous at all, however one of the recommendations was to walk faster when you're in danger. Personally I think this is bad advice.

When I feel threatened I walk much slower, maintain eye contact longer, keep my hands free and greet people by slightly raising my head rather than lowering it. A smile is also completely disarming and touch (for example, on the shoulder) is very dominant if someone is harassing you. Its a confident frame I can hold because I know I can get myself out of any situation I get into.

This frame recently helped me avoid being mugged because my assailant seemed to think I was armed.

That being said, if you're a girl, or unfit this might not be a good strategy for you.

How To Avoid Being Mugged

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How To Avoid Being Mugged

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