Korean Sim Card

By , 24 August 2010

Korean Sim Card

One of the most frustration things about staying in Korea was not being able to use my mobile phone. It's a Samsung phone - made in Korea, but it doesn't actually work on the Korean cell phone system because they don't use SIM cards. Instead their subscriber identity is hard coded into the handset and that phone is linked to a specific company for good (and I thought SIM-locking was a pain in the butt).

Since I didn't want to carry two phones with me everywhere, I went in search of the best travel / roaming SIM card which works on the Korean networks. The downside is you don't have a local number, so no one wants to call you, but you can still receive calls from home and make outgoing calls. I forward my home number to the SIM.

Korean Sim Card

Here are the products I checked out. I went with the GoSIM card because your credit doesn't expire. It's been fine so far, and it's convenient when you change countries because you don't need to be too fussed about getting a local SIM.

Prices are in USD unless specified. Everything is billed per minute.


  Go SIM OneSim Passport Passport Lite TravelSIM TruPhone Yackie
price $31,20 $29,95 $29,00 free 49.95AUD $25,00 $59,00
postage $15,96 $3,00 $49,00 ? 15AUD    
credit included $16,00 none $10,00 $5,00 5AUD $15,00 $25,00
free number estonia estonia UK UK estonia US none
US redirect 35c 35c 19c 30c -    
korea in 0 0 0 89c 0 $1,29 18c
korea mobile 48c 45c 84c $1,49 52c $5,28 19,5c
korea sms in 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
korea sms out 58c 40c 69c 79c 47c 56c 54c
korea data $3,36 $3,42 $2,50 $2,50 $3,42 $1,04 $3,00
call type callback callback callback callback callback    
connection fee 0c 0c 35c ?      
credit expiry none 10 months 9 months        
recharge amt   $25,00 $30,00        

Just one thing - if you are going to forward your home number to your roaming SIM, check that your phone company will connect calls to Estonia. Some VoIP telecoms don't service Estonia because of the high amount of fraudulent activity relating to that country.

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Korean Sim Card

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