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Mugged On Copacabana Beach

By , 26 March 2011

Mugged On Copacabana Beach

Just two weeks after writing an article on How To Avoid Being Mugged, my girlfriend and I were targeted by two young afro-brazilian muggers in Rio de Janeiro. It was 9pm and we were walking along the paved area next to Copacabana Beach when they approached us rapidly, one grasping my arm firmly and the other trying to get at my girlfriend's handbag.

When I started leading my girlfriend strongly out towards the busy road, the second guy made a panic grab at her handbag causing both her and I to fall on the bike path. Then the locals all realised what was going on and came in to help.

Mugged On Copacabana Beach

The muggers didn't get anything but one lost his shoes trying to get away. We're a bit confused what their plan was because they were quite young and small (but spoke confidently). They may been trying to pull us to into a group of their friends where they could have tried to extort our valuables from us. It didn't seem like they were carrying any weapons.

On a positive note, the people who helped us were stars. Thanks guys!


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Mugged On Copacabana Beach

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