Seoul Short Term Accommodation

By , 30 July 2010

Seoul Short Term Accommodation

Finding accommodation in Seoul was really hard - even worse than Tokyo. This is because there really aren't that many foreigners coming to Seoul for business or study. So while there is some pretty reasonable accommodation available it can be difficult or impossible to negotiate a deal because of the language barrier. I even had a Korean friend talk to the landlord of one place who still wouldn't take my money because I am a foreigner.

Anyway, hopefully this blog can help you find monthly or weekly rental accommodation. First, you want to know about the different options:

  • officetel (studio apartments)
  • yeogwan (budget hotels)
  • guest houses
  • hasukjib (student dorms)
  • goshiwons (really small student dorms)
  • jjimjilbangs (the ultimate backup option - public 24hr sauna/spas).
Seoul Short Term Accommodation

For long term accommodation you either you pay rent monthly with a small deposit like in most western countries, or you just pay a huge once-off deposit which you collect when you leave. The landlord earns money off the interest.

Here are some resources to check when looking for accommodation:

Here are the properties I looked at, from cheapest to most expensive. I ended up spending one month at Korea Hostel Guesthouse which was well managed and roughly two months at a sublet from Craigslist which I got at a reasonable price. Prices are listed in thousand Won (1000 Won ~ 1 AUD).


  Station Month Deposit Utilities
Geoyeo Apartment Songpa 300 600 30
Dongkyung Share Sindaebang 300 300 30
Suwong Share Suwong 300    
Anam Hostel Anam 320 0 0
Ning's Studio Korea University 350 200 30
Hammandong Share Itaewon 380 380 30
Yonsang Share Itaewon 385    
Hasuk 333 9145 Sinchon 400 0 0
Anam Studio Korea University 450 0 30
Sinchon Studio Sinchon 500 250 30
Hostel Korea Sinseoldong 600 0 0
Gangam Apartment Gangam 600 0 30
Hongik Studio Hongik 700 0 0
Hongik Short Rent Hongik 700 0  
EVChain TwinHaus Nakseongdae 790 50 0
Gwanak Apartment Sadang 800 0 0
Alps Sharehouse Myeongdong 900 250 0
Yeongdeongpo Studio Yeongdeongpo 1000 50 0
Seoul Guest House Anguk 1050 0 0
Yim's House Hotel Anguk 1050 0 0

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Seoul Short Term Accommodation

Roger Keays is an artist, an engineer, and a student of life. He has no fixed address and has left footprints on 40-something different countries around the world. Roger is addicted to surfing. His other interests are music, psychology, languages, the proper use of semicolons, and finding good food.

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Comment posted by: , 7 years ago

Hey Lolo,

The best way is find a Korean friend to take you through the areas near the universities that are full of Hasukjibs. They all have phone numbers outside and you can just call the landlord and get the info about each one on the spot. If you don't have any Korean friends in Seoul, you could try making some friends on .

Accommodation is Seoul in a bit of a headache so good luck!

Comment posted by: Iolo Westacott, 7 years ago

 Hey Roger

Just found this article. This summer going to Seoul. Specifically speaking, I'm looking for a Hasukjib that I can live in for a month. Which universities do you think might offer that service and what is the best way to go about getting something sorted?


Comment posted by: robyn, 7 years ago

 Hi, i will join summer school in sungkyunkwan university this June. looking for guest house or apartment to stay for about 1 month (26 June - 27 June 2013) with my 10 other friend. if any one has good recommendation please email me at thanks :)

Comment posted by: Anni, 7 years ago


i'm coming to Seoul with my fiance in August and we're searching a room for both of us, private bathroom would be great, but kitchen sharing is fine. Either looking for big onerooms with double bed, or guesthouse or something. We'll be both studying at Yonsei university, so something around the Yonsei campus would be great. Rent from 700,000-850,000 is fine for both. 

It would be great if you could help us!


Comment posted by: maggy, 8 years ago


I'll be staying about 4 weeks from Jan 14, 2013 to feb 8, 2013, so looking for a decent furnished studio or one bedroom apartment with twin beds. It would be perfect if apt locates near the seoul national university hospital. please email me at maagimaagiatyahoodotcom.



Comment posted by: Julie, 8 years ago

Hi, I really want to recommend one house for student or anyone who looking for house

short term or long term .  Especially, If you are Yonsei University student , It will be

PERFECT location . Also the landlord (we say just mom x) is Soooo friendly and nice .

Maybe there's many options of room as i've been heard.

The address is 서울시 마포구 백범로 1길(노고산동) 12-10 

I think price also reasonable and people are so nice as well.  If you want, the mom will pick up you from airport when you arrive in korea. 

If you want to know more details, just e-mail me then i will let you know instead of the mom(she can't use internet well x) or try to call this korean number 010 8811 4300(mom's phone num.)  

Then Good luck , looking for nice house for your korea life!

Comment posted by: Lewis, 8 years ago

 Hi I am a student who is currently studying in Seoul. Looking for a student apartment near university of Seoul. Can't really afford expensive place but maybe a simple room with good security will be good.

Comment posted by: Roy Kim, 8 years ago

 Hello Hamidreza

I guess I can help you find good place to stay in Korea.

I am running share house (private room with share kitchen). E-mail me please

Comment posted by: Roy Kim, 8 years ago

 Hello Hamidreza

I guess I can help you find good place to stay in Korea.

I am running share house (private room with share kitchen). E-mail me please

Comment posted by: Hamidreza, 8 years ago

Hi dear

My name is Hamidreza (male), PhD student of Mechanical Engineering and Academic Faculty member in Iran. I'll be visiting student of Yonsei University as soon for about 6 months. I need a furnished room in a calm and clean place near to Yonsei university for about 300,000-500,000 won (nearly USD 300-500) to live and think around my research topic. Would you please help me?


Comment posted by: saiful, 9 years ago

i am PhD student in Chung Ang University. I need a family dormitory nearby university.

Comment posted by: ashlay, 9 years ago

Hello. my friend and I will be staying in korea for 14nights. we were wondering if their are any places for a good price (college students) that is great to stay at. with a kitchen and laundry..but we don't want to stay at guest houses or anything. Can you help? 

Comment posted by: Olex, 10 years ago

 Hi. In the summer, 5 of my friends and I will be staying in Korea for about 2 months - August & September. How much would be an ideal place to stay - 3 bedrooms, a decent bathroom, decent kitchen, and enough space for us to move around - cost? 2 of us are Korean, the rest are Filipino. 

Comment posted by: Matthew, 10 years ago

Hello, my wife and I are looking for somewhere to stay for one month at the beginning of  March 2011.  If any one has any useful information please email me! 


Comment posted by: mickey, 10 years ago

i am looking for a cheap place to stay for 3 weeks over christmas and new year. any suggestions? thanks!

Comment posted by: Roger Keays, 10 years ago

AUD1600 is more than enough for a good apartment / officetel. There are a few 'central' areas in Seoul, such as Jongno (north of the river), Gangnam (south of the river) and Yeouido (an island on the river). I checked one of the EVChain studio apartments and it was pretty good, but didn't have a desk for me to work on. Their website is If you're only in Seoul for four weeks you probably dont want to muck around too much looking for the perfect studio. The place is pretty well connected by metro.

Have fun :)

Comment posted by: Leesa, 10 years ago


I'll be heading to Seoul in January for 4 weeks, I was wondering if you know any cheap studio apartments under AUD1600 for a month around the central area?



Comment posted by: Roger Keays, 10 years ago

It would be difficult to find a good place for just one week. You could find a serviced apartments, but it wouldn't be cheap. There are many Yeogwans (여관 budget hotels) throughout Seoul, but you need some basic Korean to book them in person and probably better Korean to find them online. Checkout the links in the article above, maybe you can find something.

Comment posted by: maggie, 10 years ago

Hi.. i am looking for budget apartment ( 2 rooms), we hv 4 adults 2 children aged 4 and 6. Travelling on 25 Nov till 2 Dec 2010. I would like to rent for a week.

can u recommend where to stay? how much we need to pay  for it.

Thank you for your help.