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Taking a Bus in Rio de Janeiro

By , 6 April 2011

Taking a Bus in Rio de Janeiro
Taking a Bus in Rio de Janeiro

Public transport in Rio de Janeiro is rather well developed. If you don't want to pay for taxis or risk being ripped off by taxi drivers then metro (R3.10) and buses (R2.40) are good options. Taking a bus in Rio can look intimidating and confusing from the surface. Other than the main streets in Copacabana Beach, the bus stops are a simple metal plate with no bus numbers listed. Don't let that put you off. 

Taking a Bus in Rio de Janeiro

The buses in Rio has lighted signboards that display the destination and the routes they will take. Buses are a common sight on the roads of Rio. We find that just standing at the bus stop, a bus will pass by every 30 secs. I know it sounds crazy but if you just stand by the bus stop for 2 mins, you'll see enough buses to get an idea of where they are leading to. And if in doubt, just get on the bus and ask the bus driver. 

So other than looking for that elusive bus stop, that can be signalled by a tiny metal plate with a symbol of a bus or a shelter with seats, getting on the right bus is not so elusive. Now, the journey on the bus is a different story altogether. It is hardly for the faint hearted with the most daring bus drivers I've seen. Enjoy the ride!


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Taking a Bus in Rio de Janeiro

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