By , 7 August 2016


Beauty is Pachelbel's Canon in D
Beauty is the piano
Beauty is when a woman makes her friends wait while she talks to you
Beauty is holding hands for the first time
Beauty is the moment before you kiss
Beauty is sleeping together naked
Beauty is being naked
Beauty is not speaking each other's language
Beauty is fresh strawberries
Beauty is banana smoothies
Beauty is the taste of cool water after a long run
Beauty is being fit
Beauty is doing a perfect handstand
Beauty is writing left handed
Beauty is being clean
Beauty is jimjjilbang
Beauty is Mozart's Requiem
Beauty is the violin
Beauty is somebody going out of their way for you
Beauty is taking couple photos
Beauty is getting slapped by life and persevering as though it never happened
Beauty is dancing zouk
Beauty is closing your eyes
Beauty is looking at photos you treasure
Beauty is crying for a week over lost love
Beauty is missing someone you love
Beauty is the sound of water
Beauty is having nothing to lose
Beauty is gay men walking hand in hand, not giving a fuck what you think about them
Beauty is talking to strangers
Beauty is Andrew Lloyd Webber's Memory
Beauty is being at sea
Beauty is doing the Dirty Dancing lift
Beauty is knowing life is temporary
Beauty is realising how lucky you are


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I suppose I am a problem solver. Either that, or I am an organic carbon-based life form whose function is to convert oxygen into carbon dioxide. You could go either way on that. I'm into languages and stuff. I recently published my first book. It's okay, I guess. Lots of sex and drama--plus it's a true story. Let's see... What else? I like reading, swimming, playing music, and annoying Seda. KAPOW!

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