Bertrand Lenet's Life of Work and Travel

By , 29 July 2011

Bertrand Lenet's Life of Work and Travel

Bertrand Lenet is a restaurateur, father of three and full time traveler. In this interview he talks about how he juggles these commitments to keep the show on the road. He is an inspiration for people who dream of a life traveling and exploring the world!

Bertrand Lenet's Life of Work and Travel

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Bertrand Lenet's Life of Work and Travel

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Comment posted by: Roger Keays, 6 years ago

Hey Jas, I didn't write down the name of his restaurant (thinking FTW) but I'll try to find out. It was really weird because another Aussie on the train used to live in London and eat at his restaurant. Hmmm... food.

Comment posted by: Jas, 6 years ago
Hey, that's a pretty cool story. What's the name of the restaurant so when we visit it, we can say hi virtually too. That's amazing that Bertrand's family are all supportive and like-minded. C'est impressionnant! Bravo!