Bigger Really Is Better

By , 11 April 2013

Bigger Really Is Better
Bigger Really Is Better

Scientists from the University of Ottawa and Australian National University have confirmed what the masses have been denying all along. Women are more attracted to men with a bigger package.

In their experiment they showed 105 women full sized computer models of naked men which varied in body shape, height and penis size. The women rated the men's attractiveness as potential sexual partners and the scientists crunched the numbers to come up with the following observations.

  • penis size was as significant as height in assessing attractiveness
  • penis size can't compensate for height in short men, however
  • penis size was more significant in determining attractiveness for tall men
  • men with small penises were rejected the most rapidly
  • no penis shown was considered 'too big' by scoring lower attractiveness

The scientists put together this YouTube presentation of the study (view online):

Bigger Really Is Better


For me the most surprising discovery was that there is no limit (yet reached) to how big girls like it. Most women will admit to liking larger penises once they have determined you do not have a small penis but many will also complain about men whose penis is so big it causes them discomfort or pain. This can be a problem during sex because pain and pleasure can look like the same thing and a lot of it depends on her anatomy.

If you do have a particularly big penis then more power to you. If you're worried about hurting her try giving her stopwords like 'orange' or 'red' which she can use to tell you to back off.

Reference: Mautz, B. S., Wong, B. B. M., Peters, R. A. & Jennions, M. D. Proc. Natl Acad. Sci. USA (2013).

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Bigger Really Is Better

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Comment posted by: steven, 7 years ago

 Interesting that line drawings followed normal preferences for hip to waist ratio.

I don't judge dick proportions often, but I probably wouldn't notice if they were abnormally large on the models even if they were half the length of the quad.  They did say the images were shown to real life size though, so I guess that makes the proportions feel more real and easier to judge.

Comment posted by: , 7 years ago

Hey Steven,

Science is a pretty tough discipline. I guess they used 3d models to have better control over the experiment. If you use real photos you introduce a whole lot of different variables like skin, hair, race, fat etc for each test. It doesn't matter so much if (for example) the nipples are completely missing as long as they are completely missing in each test.

Some of the old-school experiments on male attraction use simple line drawings of women and they still show the preferred hip-to-waist ratio of women is 0.7.

I'm legally in Nicaragua at the moment. Still don't trust the cops though...

Comment posted by: steven, 7 years ago

I don't like that the study used the computer models for ratings.  Getting real pictures of similar males with different penis sizes, or simply photo shopping a bigger/smaller dick onto the same male would have been a superior experiment imo.

Not looking human makes the response to them different.  If the nipples were as large as cookies, or completely missing, I don't think anyone would pick up on it with 3d models such as those.  I don't think idealised proportions can be easily judged on 3d models such as those.

Hope you're keeping your tourist papers up to date. ; )