I Miss the Ocean

31 January 2008

I Miss the Ocean

Ahhh... I have found an old Weezer CD of mine and it is bringing back so many memories of my year of trawler work. I remember listening to this CD on the top deck of The Voyager... exhausted, sleep deprived, muscles cramping, and on a total endorphin high. The salt, the wind... the endless blue horizon. the weather, the sea, the sharks, the groper half the length of the boat. The bull rays!! The crayfish... the kingfish and pearl perch. The scallops. Seafood barbeques. Renee, my sweet sweet sweet girlfriend. The three legged dog at Temple Bay... The brown boobies, ospreys and mutton birds. the maps, the charts. Far North Queensland!!!!

The wind... the wind. The freedom. Coming back to land. The cairns' clubs. The Voyager. The slipway. Mooloolaba.

The endless blue horizon. The nothingness. The delirious, exhaustion induced laughter. Justin Tuckey. Dave, Scotty. Salt water showers. Trying to cook in high seas. Trying to stand in high seas. Trying to tie knots in high seas. Almost slipping off the booms. The salt water sea spray. Being drenched. Launching myself off the top of the wheelhouse. Slipping into the hopper. Outswimming a salty. Prawn fights.

Taking charge of The Kenandale...


I miss the sea sooo much. I miss the adventure. I miss the senseless money making machine. I miss raping the ocean. I miss the exhaustion.

That is what I call adventure. I miss it like crazy.

I Miss the Ocean

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Comment posted by: , 11 years ago

Juuuuuustin!! What are you doing with yourself these days?

Comment posted by: jay tee , 11 years ago

very nostalgic to read!!  hahah   yes they were some fun times!!   hoping all is well in your world!!  i must say reading this put a smile on my dial!!