Boredom Worse Than Death

By , 18 July 2012

Boredom Worse Than Death
Boredom Worse Than Death

Here are some interesting statistics I read on the Web today.

According to a new study conducted by Good in Bed, (with the support of K-Y Brand), the biggest threat to long-term relationship satisfaction may be boredom. In our survey of 3,341 people in monogamous relationships (1,418 men and 1,923 women), we found that a full 25 percent of those surveyed were bored in their current relationship. Beyond that, another 25 percent of respondents reported being on the brink of becoming bored. That's nearly 50 percent of all couples, and boredom is basically like an attack on our relationship's immune system—once weakened, we're all the more susceptible to a cascade of ailments. For example, 20 percent of respondents had been unfaithful to their partner at some point as a result of being bored. 

But wait until you read the causes:

Certain relationship milestones can exacerbate boredom. Top factors cited include:

  • Getting older (38.5%)
  • Having kids (32.2%)
  • Moving in together (15.6%)
  • Marriage (13.8%)
  • Getting pregnant (8%)

Source: YourTango


Boredom Worse Than Death

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Boredom Worse Than Death

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