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Escalation And Arousal Routines


  • tickle her
  • tackle her
  • chase her
  • scare her
  • pretend to be a crocodile
  • pretend to be a vampire
  • undo her bikini
  • steal her phone
  • shoulder ride / piggyback
  • motorbike riding
  • kiss her when she is sending an SMS
  • tickle her when she is on the phone
  • talk about sex
  • dirty talk
  • read to her
  • sexy dancing
  • restrain her
  • blind fold her
  • shave her pussy
  • cheat on her with her pussy
  • put her on a chain
  • let her suck you 3 times
  • teacher/student roleplay
  • you turn me on
  • what turns you on?
  • describe your dream man
  • we better not fall in love
  • do you want to kiss me?
  • have you ever made out (in a church)?
  • don't look at me like that
  • don't look at my lips!
  • shutup for a second. now kiss me
  • do you want me?
  • do you want to use a condom?
  • you like that huh?
  • try not to think about sucking my cock

Escalation And Arousal Routines

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