Extraction And Excuses
  • take my hand, I don't want you to get hit by a bus. its so messy
  • what material is this? is it the same at the back?
  • it doesn't count if there is no tongue
  • it doesn't count if you're on holiday
  • we're going to talk to a man about a dog
  • we're going to watch my cat do backflips
  • are you hungry?
  • I have a blender
  • I really need some food
  • lets get take-out
  • lets get out of here
  • do you have your stuff?
  • do you want to see my room?
  • do you want to see my photos?
  • do you like icecream?
  • can I use your bathroom?
  • can I grab a drink of water?
  • Do you have aircon at your place?
  • Show me your room. I need to see how dirty you are.
  • I need to lie down for a couple of minutes. I'm exhausted.
Extraction And Excuses

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