Factors Affecting Promiscuity

By , 14 June 2011

Factors Affecting Promiscuity

Check out these results which came out of a study called Variability of Human Mating Strategies. They basically correlate external events to promiscuity. I've highlighted the interesting stuff.

Increased Female Promiscuity Decreased Female Promiscuity
  • Increased social networking
  • Ex-partner pursuing
  • Ex-partner argument reconciliation
  • Lack of quality time together
  • Increase in male approaches
  • Cruel behaviour from males
  • Partner is away from home
  • Started a new relationship
  • Partner showing loving behaviour
  • Passionate experience with a new individual
  • Asked out on a date
  • Started trying for a baby
  • Feeling guilty about being approached
  • Rejection from a love interest
Factors Affecting Promiscuity


Increased Male Promiscuity Decreased Male Promiscuity
  • Passionate experience with a new individual
  • Frustrations with partner
  • Relationship ends or is ending
  • Asked to make too much of a
  • Questioning relationship satisfaction
  • An increase in status
  • Rejection from a love interest
  • Spent quality time with partner
  • Ashamed of own promiscuous behaviour
  • Discovered someone's feelings for you


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Factors Affecting Promiscuity

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