Facts About Orgasm

By , 7 February 2014

Facts About Orgasm
Facts About Orgasm

Source: Dr J Lehmiller

Facts About Orgasm

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Facts About Orgasm

I suppose I am a problem solver. Either that, or I am an organic carbon-based life form whose function is to convert oxygen into carbon dioxide. You could go either way on that. I'm into languages and stuff. I recently published my first book. It's okay, I guess. Lots of sex and drama--plus it's a true story. Let's see... What else? I like reading, swimming, playing music, and annoying Seda. KAPOW!

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Comment posted by: Kenny, 2 years ago

Women would get off more if they didn't use big vibrators that make their slit wider than 95% of the human male penises on Earth. You can only stretch something so much before it stays that way. 


Comment posted by: steven, 4 years ago

Sounds like the only sure fire way for me to have an orgasm during sex is to get plowed in the ass.  And this whole time I've been having sex with exclusively women.

brb attempting to verify study results.