How To Ignore Beautiful Women

By , 5 May 2014

How To Ignore Beautiful Women
How To Ignore Beautiful Women

It is difficult to recall a single approach I have done recently that hasn't been followed by an instant date, day two, number-close or (god forbid) a facebook-close. So what is the problem with that? Well for me, there are two.

Firstly, I'm trying to work. Dating is huge time sink and distraction for me because it triggers my creative mode that leaves me day-dreaming about dating even when I'm not actually on a date. Although I can get away without working for long periods of time, I actually love my work and it gives me a big sense of satisfaction.

Secondly, there aren't enough hours in the week to meet, date and close all of those girls you see on the street. Opening is fun and rewarding and a phone full of messages from cute chicks is very validating but not ultimately what you want. What you really want is to be the man she gives herself to and craves sexually. Or to put it another way, you want to spend the whole week fucking each other, leaving the house only to stock up on food, drink and contraceptives.

So here is what I am doing to get a hold of this problem.

How To Ignore Beautiful Women

Try to remember the last time you passed an ugly old lady in the shopping center. How did you react to her? You probably didn't react to her at all. In fact, you probably hardly noticed her - she might as well have not been there (the poor lady - once upon a time men used to look at her too).

Now... did you admonish yourself for not approaching her?

Of course not. Because you weren't attracted to her.

And herein lies the key.

Make attraction a choice.

Make it your choice.

It can be done. If you have ever chosen not to be angry, not to be jealous or even not to get too excited about Christmas when it is only July then you've done it already. You intercepted your brain's innate circuitry.

You can ignore your emotions. You can ignore attraction. And when you do, the hot chick about to pass you at the traffic lights really does become as significant as the old lady in the supermarket. No punishment necessary for walking straight past, looking in the opposite direction.

When you see a woman you could be attracted to, give yourself two options: approach or ignore. It is actually quite a simple decision and can be made in a split second. If you decide to approach, you slow down, take in your surroundings, get into state and enjoy yourself. If you decide to ignore she simply becomes the old lady in the supermarket. Another one of the insignificant masses.

When you do it right:

  • you do not lose your train of thought for a moment
  • you do not look at her for longer than a millisecond
  • you do not look back at her, even if she looks at you
  • you do not smile at her
  • you do not wink at her
  • you do not remember her

You simply don't notice her.

You might realise that women are well-practised at ignoring attraction. For them it's a skill that helps them avoid risky sex. There is one caveat though:

The tension builds up.

For example. I spent the last several days ignoring attraction with great success until this evening when a friend of mine appeared abruptly from around the corner wearing the sexiest boots, tightest jeans and the cutest top ever.

"Oh la la", I dropped, genuinely blown away. Attraction had exploded and she felt it every bit as much as me. "It's too early to go clubbing." She laughed before she could catch herself. The tension was electric, we looked at each other left-eye then right, then left ...

But that's a story for another blog.

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How To Ignore Beautiful Women

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