How You Are Being Deceived

By , 8 December 2013

How You Are Being Deceived
How You Are Being Deceived

Take a look at the two girls in the photo above. The one on the left looks a lot like a 6. Not ugly, just plain. She probably wouldn't get your attention in a busy street. But the one on the right is definitely attractive. She is at least an 8 and could even be a 9 with the right body shape.

They are, of course, the same girl.

How You Are Being Deceived

Think about that. This girl upgraded herself at least 2 points (possibly 3) just by sitting in front of the mirror and painting her face for half an hour. Have a look at the video below. It really is an eye-opener for us men.

Does it matter that the change is only temporary? Probably not. She'll attract a guy with her facade and then make him work for her. The more he invests in seducing her the surer she can be that he will stick around. Then the make-up can come off.

Not a bad strategy in general.

Luckily for us though, there an equivalent for men.

It's called a Porsche.

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How You Are Being Deceived

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