What Girls Say About Guys

By , 19 September 2011

What Girls Say About Guys

Some time ago I did a search online to see what girls write about guys on their blogs and forums. Here is some of the stuff I found which I thought was interesting (emphasis added).

  • I am also very attractive and could be with any guy at the bar...
  • Are there any creative ways to get him to ask for my number because I never give it out unsolicited?
  • Any ideas of how to get him to ask me out?
  • I am used to guys coming to me...
  • Unfortunately I don't have any exciting boy stories for you.
  • If this is a good-looking alltogether guy he should be used to girls wanting to kiss him.
  • Women are masters of mind games, and even though men have the impression that THEY are controlling the world. We know better.
  • [I have] a bad case of oneitis. Not cool, esp. because the guy has a girlfriend, who is also my friend. Yeah. Sticky.
  • He's a total player. I know this, and I fall for him anyway.
What Girls Say About Guys
  • He's the one guy I get so nervous around I can't think straight.
  • We flirt a lot, and I think it'd actually be pretty easy to move in for a kiss or whatever sometime, but it's not worth the repercussions.
  • It's more a case of me trying to not be seduced by him, because's frankly [he is] probably not that good for me.
  • I'm not really interested in him - a bit young for me, mentally - but he's cool to hang out with.
  • I'm not too attracted to him. Really nice guy, but I'm just not feeling the chemistry.
  • He's trying to act like he's not infatuated with me, and he's going a bad job of it.
  • He tries, painfully hard, but I remain polite but standoffish.
  • He finds whatever excuses he can to be by and talk to me.
  • Every time I look up, his eyes are on me.
  • [He] still texts nonstop, still keeps trying to ask me out... it's frigging obnoxious.
  • If he's sly, he'll get it. If he's not, he'll be confused.
  • Mistresses will bear your love children, help hide the fact from your wife, and expect nothing in the way of support but the glory of your seed.
  • PUAs are confident and aggressive, and if you're with a good one, you'll savor the details of the affair for as long as you live.
  • PUAs are often great catches, IF you can catch one for any length of time.
  • If you know how to identify PUAs and your expectations are reasonable, the odds of getting hurt by a PUA are fairly slim.



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What Girls Say About Guys

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