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Japanese Women

By , 7 December 2010

Japanese Women
Japanese Women

Japan presents an absolute dichotomy when it comes to sex. On the one hand, the society is ultra-conservative and observes rigid protocols. On the other hand, explicit porn, masochistic comics and themed maid-cafes are all over the place. The over-arching sexual theme in Japan is male-dominance and the women are taught from a young age to dress and act kawaii (cute). Even the school uniforms look like they come from an adult shop.

When a Japanese woman is interested in you, she will start to act very submissively (often right after saying she is not like other Japanese women). She will start walking slightly behind you, shuffle a little, grasp you arm and rest her head on your shoulder. It's really very obvious. They don't pretend.

Most Japanese girls don't remove their public hair and are not very responsive in bed. You need to encourage them to let go a little, feel sexy and enjoy sex.

Japanese Women

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Japanese Women

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