Love is a Game

By , 3 December 2010

Love is a Game

Here is a revelation for you. Women are running the world. How do they do it? Easy. They have a monopoly on a resource that is in high demand. They also engage in a vicious form of price fixing by banding together to ensure that their patrons pay with everything they have for access to this commodity.

Yes, that's right. I'm talking about their eggs.

For millions of years females of all species have been guarding their precious eggs and have evolved a huge array of methods for selecting partners to mate with. Unfortunately for them, nature is horrendously inefficient and rarely converges on an optimal solution. In an innocent attempt to select suitable partners, women have inadvertently bred two classes of men - one which specialise in seduction and have little interest in paternity, and another which specialise in paternity but have few skills in seduction.

Love is a Game

As a woman, one might be forgiven for asking "What should I do?".

For men, the answer is simple.

Let's talk about seduction, not sex. Sex is boring. If you want sex, save your time and money and sleep with a prostitute or ten. Seduction is something entirely different. Seduction is exciting, intense, fun, and invigorating and exposes you to a whole new world of possibilities. It fuels creativity and brings a serene satisfaction not possible by any other means.

Join me in a real-life adventure of pain and pleasure; a silent banter of push and pull; a subtle game of cat and mouse.

Join me, because this is a game we can win.


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Love is a Game

I suppose I am a problem solver. Either that, or I am an organic carbon-based life form whose function is to convert oxygen into carbon dioxide. You could go either way on that. I'm into languages and stuff. I recently published my first book. It's okay, I guess. Lots of sex and drama--plus it's a true story. Let's see... What else? I like reading, swimming, playing music, and annoying Seda. KAPOW!

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