More Travelers Browse With Safari

By , 1 December 2011

More Travelers Browse With Safari
More Travelers Browse With Safari

Here are the visitor browser stats for the Travel Lifestyle website for November 2011. I was surprised to see that the most popular browser is Safari. I guess travelers like their Apple products.

Safari 37.1 %
Internet Explorer 27.3 %
Firefox 18.6 %
Mozilla 13.7 %
Opera 1.5 %

I have a sneaking suspicion that all those browsers that identify themselves as "Mozilla" aren't really the Mozilla Browser. I haven't seen anybody using Mozilla since... well, since it became Firefox.

More Travelers Browse With Safari

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More Travelers Browse With Safari

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Comment posted by: Roger Keays, 8 years ago

It looks like Chrome got lumped with Safari. They're both built on Webkit so that could explain the data.

Comment posted by: Alex, 9 years ago

 Wait a second... that can't be right... How many Google Chromes where there? There has to be a mistake...