Mr Darcy Is Ugly

By , 22 June 2012

Mr Darcy Is Ugly
Mr Darcy Is Ugly

Here is a classic example of how bipolar female attraction can be.

As my girlfriend is not western she had never seen, or even heard of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin. I told her about the story and about Mr Darcy and how all women are secretly in love with him, but when she saw his photo online from the movie all she said was

"but he's ugly!"

So I went and bought a copy of the movie (with Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen) with subtitles and we watched it together. Mr Darcy is rich, judgemental, proud and arrogant but during the film we discover that he is also giving, loving, protective and desirable.

In the final scene we see Elizabeth (Keira Knightley) brimming with tears saying how she had been so wrong about him.

"Still think Mr Darcy is ugly?" I asked my girlfriend as the credits rolled.

Mr Darcy Is Ugly

She didn't say anything but just buried her face shyly into my chest, all emotional from seeing a poor pretty girl win over a rich high status man.

Looks like her perception of Mr Darcy had changed - just like Elizabeth in the story. She wavers between love and loathing of Mr Darcy depending on her perception of him, which is shaped primarily by gossip. Meanwhile, he is pretty well attracted to her throughout the whole story regardless of what she does or what people say.

Because she's cute.

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Mr Darcy Is Ugly

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