Nature's Dirty Trick

By , 12 June 2015

Nature's Dirty Trick
Nature's Dirty Trick

What a strange weekend.

On Friday I went to a salsa party full of single girls dancing, flirting and laughing. One stood out in particular. Let's call her May. It was a fun night and I still have images of May jumping around on the dance floor, flinging her hair about, skipping from man to man and basically just attracting a lot of attention.

Then on Saturday I met a friend who recently graduated, started work and is now engaged. Let's call her June. When we last met 4 years ago she was a student and vehemently anti-babies. Not so much now though. I listened to her tell me how relationships were a compromise and how she was never anti-babies.

And finally on Sunday I visited some old friends who now have two kids and are set up in the suburbs. Let's call them Cath and Shane.  It was a strange feeling watching Cath and Shane feed, wash and change their screaming babies and think back to the weekend I had passed with May and June.

Was I witnessing cause and effect?

If I had to form a naive world view from this single weekend I would conclude that:

  •  Girls go out, party, dance and act ridicilous because they want to get pregnant. (Friday)
  •  People get married not because they are in love, but because they have a stable job. (Saturday)
  •  Once you are settled with children, the game is over. (Sunday)

May surely didn't give pregnancy a thought that Friday night, yet with the benefit of hindsight we can say it is quite probably an eventual outcome of her behaviour.

June used to rant about the ridiculous things her mother told her about security, not expecting the spark to last and choosing someone because they love you and not necessarily the other way around. Now she regurgitates her mother's ideas to me as if they were her own.

And Cath and Shane, well they might fantasise about reliving the highs of being in love but these moments seem to be drowned in the logistics of day to day life.

So what happened?

What happened to love?

Was it ever real?

Or is it just nature's dirty trick?

Nature's Dirty Trick

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Nature's Dirty Trick

Roger Keays is an artist, an engineer, and a student of life. He has no fixed address and has left footprints on 40-something different countries around the world. Roger is addicted to surfing. His other interests are music, psychology, languages, the proper use of semicolons, and finding good food.

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