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Opportunity Only Knocks Once

By , 1 November 2014

Opportunity Only Knocks Once
Opportunity Only Knocks Once

I had been running up and down a flight of 500 stairs for half an hour listening to music on my phone. As a result, my shirt was drenched in sweat and clung to my chest as I jogged along the wharf on my way home.

When I first saw her she took my breath away. She was walking towards me, alone, dressed beautifully and ... well I've never seen breasts quite like that before. I didn't look at her directly as we got closer, but I could see her eyes shift from my face to my body and a shy smile forming on her face.

She was checking me out.

Possibly the most beautiful woman I have ever seen was checking me out.

So I ran straight past.

My brain was screaming at me to stop.

But I didn't.

The next evening I went back to the place I had seen her and waited. Just maybe it was her regular route home. There was no sign of her. She was gone.




Opportunity Only Knocks Once

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Opportunity Only Knocks Once

Roger Keays is an artist, an engineer, and a student of life. Since he left Australia in 2009, he has been living as a digital nomad in over 40 different countries around the world. Roger is addicted to surfing. His other interests are music, psychology, languages, and finding good food. Click here to subscribe to his weekly blog, or stalk him on Facebook and Twitter.

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