Petits Plaisirs Paris

By , 21 May 2011

Petits Plaisirs Paris
Petits Plaisirs Paris

Friends who had already visited Paris have always asked me about places to go where "real parisians" do. So I made this little guide for them to discover Paris outside of the main attractions. Hope you'll like it. 

Paris is really the most beautiful in glorious spring May month. Unfortunately, most people have the same idea making it a frustrating trip with memories of endless queueing and shoving in the main attractions. My advise, if you are visiting Paris for the first time, autumn months of October and November are the most pleasant. While it might be colder, the main sights in Paris are mostly indoor and waiting is more tolerable when there are less tourists. And if you are lucky, you'll witness the magic hour between 5-6pm where the autumn lights cover the sky with grading hues of orange and red. 

For those of you already acquainted with Paris, this little guide is for you to avoid the crowd and enjoy the little pleasures of Paris away from the maddening crowd.

Petits Plaisirs Paris
Le Marias (Shopping & tea places)  
Marais is the 4th arrondisement (district) in Paris. It’s a popular area on Sundays since this is the only area where shops are open on Sundays other than Champs Elysee.
Walking in areas starting from place de voges to Rue Francs Bourgeois.
Look out for:
  • 3 Rue de Rosier
    Best place for coffee and desserts.
  • 24 Franc Bourgeois
    Best place for crepes
  • Jewish area for falafels are near Rue Rosiers.
Ile St. Louis (the other lesser known island)  
Any where in this island is a lovely walk. Walk from Ile St. Louis to Saint Germain along Rue Dauphine. (Red Arrows)
Look out for:
  • Café Laurent
    35 Rue Dauphine
    Another Jazz café to check out.
Saint Germain (Walking, Jazz & Dinners)  
You can spend a whole day in Saint Germain. It’s full of little shops and tiny streets for you to explore. Be careful of tourist traps.
Blue box: Eating places in small streets, cafes, lively scenes
Red box: Shopping area, small shops.
Look out for: (Black arrows)
  • Pub de Saint Germain, 17 Rue de l’ancienne comedie
    Best place for French chocolate cake (moelleux aux chocolat) & a place for beer
  • Le Relais de Entrecot
    16 Rue Saint Benoit
    Best steak in town
  • Chez Papa
    3 Rue Saint Benoit
    White piano jazz with bass all night till 2am for dinner or drinks.
  • Au 35
    35 Rue Jacob
    Tiny French Moroccan fusion restaurant. Very private and very good dinner all round. 
Montmarte’s main attraction is Sacre Cœur. It is also made famous after the french movie, Amelie. The area from metro Abbesse is a lovely area for walks.
Look out for :
  • Le Coquelicot des Abbesses
    24 rue de abbesses
    A small country house full of desserts, good for brunch & dessert.

Other areas in Saint Germain to look out for:

Gerard Mulot
76 Rue de Seine
Gerard Mulot is a pattiserie (bakery) and serves all kinds of mouth watering desserts. If you are willing to take a risk with me, ask for a dozen of chouquettes (pronounced shuukett). You will be rewarded with a lovely snack that is less elegant than an éclair, more refined than a croissant.
21 Rue Bonaparte
Ladurée is famous for its macarons. The café is also decorated as if you’ll be having coffee with Louis IX. The main store is on Champs Elysee but you’ll have to wait for over 45mins for a seating. This café in Saint Germain is less crowded.
Café Universel
267 Rue St Jaques

It’s a jazz café perfect for after dinner stop. There is live music and singing everyday except Sunday. 

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Petits Plaisirs Paris

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