Do You Miss Home? Emotional Anchoring

By , 11 April 2011

Do You Miss Home? Emotional Anchoring

One of the questions I get asked all the time is "Do you miss home?". The answer of course is no, as explained in this podcast about emotional anchoring.

Do You Miss Home? Emotional Anchoring

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Do You Miss Home? Emotional Anchoring

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Comment posted by: Roger Keays, 6 years ago

nicely said

Comment posted by: Jas Chong, 6 years ago

I get asked that a lot too and most people are surprised when I said "no". Especially when my countrymen are so anchored to the local food, security and ease of life. I left with 1 suitcase and a 25kg box of books. When I look around again, I think I can leave again with 1 suitcase and probably another filled with shoes. But there is nothing I can use to put my friends in and they'll be the hardest to leave behind.

In the same way, my friends are also moving, back to their home towns, to new countries, etc. They form my many resting ports and harbours where I can anchor from time to time. Gives me excuses to travel around to world. :)