Negs and Teasing
  • you're so mean
  • you're so rude
  • is she *always* like this?
  • are you retarded?
  • are you going to rob me now?
  • how many boyfriends do you have anyway?
  • are you girls tourists or something?
  • you have a lovely fake smile
  • I'm a gentleman. I wouldn't do that.
  • is she a former Nazi?
  • how short are you?
  • you look like trouble
  • you dont get out enough
  • she has a fetish
  • sheesh, where is your off button?
  • go sit on the corner and I'll bring you a bucket of crayon
  • so you're one of THOSE girls
  • were you a dork at school or something?
  • how do you guys hang with this girl?
  • you must have driven your parents crazy
  • hello, I'm talking...
  • only if you're really really nice to me and buy me cheesecake
  • woah, that was like kissing my mom
  • I've never kissed a girl, that's impolite
  • it's not exactly my fault
  • lets just be friends
  • do you always give your phone number to strangers?
  • don't be boring - funny question deserves a funny answer
  • relax, I don't want anything from you
  • I made a mistake with you
  • I don't think we're a good couple
  • you're too young for me
  • do you always talk to gringos?
  • you're so unromantic
  • we don't have much in common
  • I reckon you'd be a four ... (at kissing)
  • eat a mandarin


  • throw food at her
  • blow bubbles in her drink
  • blow on her belly
  • give her a nickname
  • leave without saying goodbye
  • her driving
  • getting lost
  • being robbed
  • her bad grammar
  • her being a heartbreaker

Negs and Teasing

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