PUA Openers

Classic Openers

  • hi
  • wait!

Cold reads

  • are you (malaysian)?
  • nihonjin desu ka?
  • is your name amanda?
  • are you guys sisters?


  • where's your boyfriend?
  • where are your friends?
  • do you always look at gringos like that?
  • you walk fast
  • how do you walk so fast in those shoes?
  • why aren't you at work?
  • why aren't you at school?
  • what? what do you want?
  • have we ... had sex?


  • are you local?
  • do you speak English?
  • puedes ayudarme con mi español?
  • hey, I need a female opinion on something
  • Do you guys know any good places to dance around here?
  • which one is better - (checkers) or (woolworths)?
  • where is the best place to buy (muffins) around here?
  • do you guys have tomato puree in your country? i can't find it anywhere
  • can you mind my towel while i swim?
  • I lost my friends
  • are you okay?


  • I just saw you walking past and wanted to say hi
  • do you have the time?
    • actually I just wanted to flirt with you
  • OMG, you have diamonds in your eyes
  • do you guys mind if i talk to my future wife for a second?
  • cool shoes


  • ah... there were no other seats
  • is this area of grass taken?
  • do you know where the chocolate mountain is?
  • crash their photo
PUA Openers

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