PUA Text Game


  • sweet dreams
  • what are you wearing?
  • lets go rob a bank
  • lets go to mexico
  • hey, who are you fucking tonight?
  • RAAAA! Dinosaur attack!
  • think I'm dying
  • where are you?


  • * * Yessica * * oh la la (send to Veronica)
  • I was thinking...
  • have an idea..
  • good news
  • I don't know
  • did I just see you?
  • I just met your twin
  • congratulations
    • I was just thinking of you, congratulations
  • I hate you


  • which Jenny is this and how did you get in my phone?
  • let me know when you want a shot at the title
  • I hope your party doesn't fucking suck


  • how many reasons have you come up with not to see me?
  • quantas razones tienes para no verme?
  • tomorrow the adventure begins
  • mañana comenzara la aventura


  • la belleza es común, pero la gente con una gran actitud y un gran panorama en la vida son raras y vale la pena conocerlas... aún si las conoces en un club.. ojalá que puedas encontrar una razón para ver me de nuevo
  • you're boring, bowling is fun


  • it's good that you're not a drunken slut like other girls
  • you seem quite shy


  • did you call me yesterday?


  • do you have Alan's contact?
  • who is this?
  • even though you seem confident, I think you are actually timid
  • what are you learning today?
  • do you always talk to gringos?
  • do you always give your phone number to strangers?
  • please don't call me

Loss Anxiety

  • I hate my girlfriend


  • are we fighting?
  • I forgot, are we fighting and most importantly, am I winning?
  • gay
  • and?
  • you're everything I never thought I wanted
  • where were you today? how could you stand me up like that?
  • stop thinking about me, it makes my nose itchy
  • I get so emotional when you are not around. I think the emotion is happiness
  • if I could blink and be anywhere right now, I would be under your desk
  • hey, if you ever disappeared while hiking, I'd remain with the search party until it started raining.
  • hey, I really miss you and want to see you badly BUT this dumbass security guard won't let me into the zoo. can you escape?
  • hey I was just thinking of you. wish you were here to
    • clean my house and do my dishes
    • fetch me a drink and give me a foot massage
    • cook me something and do my dishes
  • morning. don't be mad that I snuck out of your place while you were sleeping. its not that the sex was bad, its just... well I had an early meeting and you understand. hugs and kisses!
  • my dog is cuter than your dog
  • *dirty text message*
  • hey I'm devising a plan to eradicate world peace. I may need your help.
  • I'm going to lure girls back to my place with candy. do you prefer gummy bears or marshmellows?
  • you know what I hate? when you're minding your own business then.. BAM! you're attacked by flying monkeys.
  • you would have loved the gift I didn't bother getting you
  • its all gone!
    • I ate it all
    • the candy I got you for Valentines

PUA Text Game

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