Science Says: You Will Be Cheated On

By , 16 July 2012

Science Says: You Will Be Cheated On
Science Says: You Will Be Cheated On

An  MIDUS Study correlated personality data to infidelity data and identified the following two groups as being vulnerable to being cheated on:

  • Agreeable men
  • Open-minded women

On the other side of the coin, these groups are less likely to be cheated on:

  • Conscientious women
  • Religious men
  • Religious women

My take on this data is that agreeable men get cheated on more because their women know they will take them back, and open women are cheated on more because they get into more, well, open relationships and don't define boundaries as clearly.

Conscientious women may be less likely to date a cheater in the first place and probably also less likely to take a cheater back. I'd like to think that religion reduces cheating because religious people are more moral, but somehow I think it's just because they have more eyes watching them. Religious communities can be pretty strict.

Science Says: You Will Be Cheated On

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Science Says: You Will Be Cheated On

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Comment posted by: Roger Keays, 8 years ago

Hey man, excellent question. The study actually collected BMI (body-mass index) data too. i.e. do fat people get cheated on more? They discovered the correlation was...

Hold your breath.


That suggests that, with no other information, your mate value isn't a good indicator for being cheated on. Personality is more important.

Other studies have asked the opposite question, ie which personality types cheat the most? They usually conclude that low conscientiousness and high neurotic personalities cheat the most.

Comment posted by: Steven, 8 years ago

Do you think high status men and beautiful women are more likely to cheated on than low status men and ugly women?