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Singaporean Women

By , 6 December 2010

Singaporean Women
Singaporean Women

There are three main races in Singapore: Chinese, Malay and Indian, but mostly we're talking about the Chinese Singaporeans here. They are the hot ones you see dressed in their heels just to go to the corner store. Very easy to distinguish, especially as all the Malays are muslim and usually wear their head dress.

Singaporean Women

Social status is a big thing in Singapore, and as a result there are a lot of sugar babies there. You do get some mixed Malay / Chinese, and these girls tend to be more fun than the pure Chinese, and often more beautiful.

Although Christianity is quite strong in Singapore, the new generation of women want to be included in the wave of sexual freedom. They certainly walk the walk and appear very confident. It is largely face however, and most girls do not have much real sexual experience. In fact, according to statistics from condom producers, Singaporeans have the least sex in the world.

Still, Singaporean girls are beautiful, engaging and fun to flirt with.


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Singaporean Women

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