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South African Women

By , 7 December 2010

South African Women

Before discussing South African women, it helps to understand the vicious history of racism and violence in the country. It is still a largely segregated country although its not cool to admit that. Race in South Africa is described as either black, white or colored (indian, malay and mixed races). Using politically correct terms like african instead of black can actually cause offence.

South African Women

Many of the people who could leave South Africa have left, while the most patriotic remain. The result is that South African women are strong willed, direct and prepared to defend themselves. Nearly all of them smoke. Their boyfriends are very defensive and you need to properly sarge them to really break into any set.

South Africans are suspicious of strangers and are not used to people opening them unless it is to ask for money, food or threaten to rob them. South Africa also has a high incidence of AIDS.

On the positive side, South African women have a confident style, dress well and are easy to build rapport with once they warm to you. Many many of them, black, white and colored are very beautiful.


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South African Women

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