The Beach

By , 22 November 2015

The Beach
The Beach

The sand between my toes
the wind upon my face
the crumbling of the waves
spews salt into the air

A dog barks and jumps at the wind
a fight with an imaginary foe
a scatter of paw prints
is drawn into the sand

The sand swirls across the flat
the wind whips through my hair
the sun peeks from behind a cloud
then hides herself once more

No coffee shops no churches
no clubs no bars
no metro no mall
or pointless city hall

I'm home
I'm where I belong
I'm the salt
the sand

The beach

The Beach

About Roger Keays

The Beach

I suppose I am a problem solver. Either that, or I am an organic carbon-based life form whose function is to convert oxygen into carbon dioxide. You could go either way on that. I'm into languages and stuff. I recently published my first book. It's okay, I guess. Lots of sex and drama--plus it's a true story. Let's see... What else? I like reading, swimming, playing music, and annoying Seda. KAPOW!

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