The One That Got Away

By , 3 May 2013

The One That Got Away
The One That Got Away

Dating Paradox #12:

The "one that got away" is a guy she already rejected.

This is another good example of how women view the world and play the dating game.

When she sees a guy who she turned down out with another girl he changes completely. All of a sudden he is more attractive, she thinks she has made a mistake and because he is now unattainable he "got away".

So some guy she wasn't chasing just got away.

That gives me a bit of brain freeze, but you can make sense of it.

The One That Got Away

For men, women have the same mate value that doesn't change with her social status, wealth or attention from other men.

A 7 is a 7, an 8 is an 8.


But female attraction is not like male attraction. Her perception of his mate value changes with context. An unattractive man can become attractive if he gains social status, wealth or attraction from other women. In this way, she can lose an opportunity that was once available to her.

He improves his mate value and finds someone else.


The one that got away.

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The One That Got Away

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