Times Have Changed

By , 19 June 2013

Times Have Changed
Times Have Changed

Here's a interesting and slightly ironic quote from a woman posting on the Plenty Of Fish Forum.

..times have changed that some men feel it is the woman's turn to entertain HIM and keep HIM happy.. and barely lift a finger to return the favor...or look at other options while SHE is working..

Does she not realise how this frames women?

This is clearly what she believes men should be doing for her, and she's all cut up that they aren't. She believes:

Times Have Changed
  • Men should entertain her.
  • Men should keep her happy.
  • She should barely have to lift a finger in return.
  • She should be able to look for other options while he is out working.

This is very common chick logic because it is simply what they experience. There are so many men out there buying into this frame over and over again that she just takes it for granted. Then she gets old, the guys start to pass her over and finally she goes to vent on Plenty of Fish, still believing she is the prize.

Her forum post was from 2006, so we can at least make one simple conclusion:

Times haven't changed.

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Times Have Changed

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