Top 20 Things To Do In Moscow

By , 20 August 2015

Top 20 Things To Do In Moscow
Top 20 Things To Do In Moscow

I sent my friend Justin a message to ask him what I should do in Moscow and he gave me a pretty detailed reply, so I figured I'd post it here for you guys to read as well. Justin has been living as an expat in Moscow for 12 years.

Here goes, I hope you find it as useful as I did.

1) visit Red Square and St. Basil's, and Manezhnaya square on the other side of the Kremlin. You can also see Lenin's tomb between 11-2. Better to go early and beat the line. Don't forget you will also file past famous guys like Gagarin (first man in space) buried in the wall.

2) visit the best metro stations. Google the top stations. All the old Soviet stuff you have in you mind is there. (Murals of Stalin, Lenin heads, statues of peasants with wheat and guns etc...)

3) take a boat tour along the river. You can get the nice Radisson boat for dinner, or you can take the cheap city boats which sell snacks and beer and take the same route anyway.

4) visit The Kremlin. It's pretty ok, and worth saying you've been there.

5) Gorky Park. They've done it up, and it's really nice now.

Top 20 Things To Do In Moscow

6) Cycle from the crystal bridge at Smolenskaya, through streets to Novedevichy monastery (very beautiful, and many of the most famous Russians of all-time are buried there. You can even get a famous graves map). Then cycle along the river past Luzhniki stadium along the river to the next crystal bridge at Gorky Park.

7) lots of people like to go to the forest and hilltop of Sparrow Hills for the view of the city.

8) there are a number of other places like restaurants to get a great view of Moscow. A lot of them might involve paying about 8-10 Aussie dollars for a beer though. I was at a bar at the top of Hotel Peking recently, and it was cool. Google others.

9) Kuznetski Most and Teatralnaya area is good for lively going out. Although there are great places dotted around the city. I'm too old for that scene these days, but they're out there. Also the area across the pedestrian bridge from the huge Church of Christ the Saviour is also very hip. Loads of nice new bars in the old Oktyaber chocolate factory. Not as lively as Kuznetski most, but nice. A bit pricey.

10) it's a bit expensive, but the Balshoi Theatre is a culture centre. Russians of all ages love theatre, opera, ballet.

11) there are even lots of locations where you can swim in Moscow. Serebyani Bor is probably the nicest area and has large parks. Google how to get there and get to the 'beaches'.

12) Moscow has loads of Massive parks. Tsaritsina is a nice historical one, others are huge forests. Victory Park is an open paved area with some forest out the back. Worth seeing for the museum dedicated to WWII. It's interesting.

13) stroll along old Arbat. It's nice, there's a good summer vibe, lots of street performers.

14) Other thing might include museums around the place. I heard it's possible to see a nuclear bunker that some politicians might have been stuffed into if there was a nuclear war.

15) Church of Christ the Saviour. It's massive and spectacular

16) Tretyakov Gallery and walk through Tretyakov area.

17) hop on hop off tour busses (look out for traffic, but it should be lighter in the summer)

18) I think you can do a tour of the Lyubyanka (where the KGB have headquarters) which is very close to the Kremlin, but I've never done it. I've heard it's just ok.

19) Eating... if you want top quality food and drink, I recommend Chicago Prime's location near Tverskaya for dinner. It's downhill 100m from Pushkinskaya metro, and the main this is it offers 50% off all drinks and 20% off all food from 5pm to 8pm every single day except major holidays. Beware, this only applies to the bar area menu! Just ask and check in advance. They're very good. Ken is the manager and he tries to meet everyone. The food is a tiny bit expensive (maybe not by Aussie standards), but you get awesome stuff. To try a range of really good food that is sort of local to a Russia and Caucuses, you could try 'Chaikhana'. It has a few locations, but probably the best is on Novi Arbat.

Georgian food is also popular here. There is a place called Hatchipuri, on Ukrainski Bulvar, just across from Europiski shopping centre at Kievskaya metro. Incidentally, you should try hatchipuri. It's like an eggy cheese bread things. There are different types and my favourite is adjarian.

20) Incidentally, Die Hard 5 scenes were filmed in the giant Hotal Ukraina at the end of that street.

Lol, I got a bit carried away there, but loads to do.

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Top 20 Things To Do In Moscow

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