What Color Are You? Personality Test

By , 30 April 2013

What Color Are You? Personality Test
What Color Are You? Personality Test

Here is a simple personality test you can use to get a conversation going. It's very short so you can use it in clubs or on the bus or with the waitress or even as an opener. You don't necessarily have to even explain that it is a personality test, just go straight into it.

There are three key questions:

  1. What color are you?
    How do you describe the color (her color)?
  2. What animal are you?
    How do you describe (her animal)?
  3. Okay, you just won the lottery and you have all day and no plans.
    What do want to do?

Interpreting her answers is pretty straight forward:

What Color Are You? Personality Test
  1. How she describes her color represents how her friends perceive her.
  2. How she describes her animal represents how she perceives herself.
  3. What she does after winning the lottery represents her sex drive.

The whole point of the last question is to bring up sex so you don't get landed in the friend zone. Sometimes it is difficult to relate her answer to sex but at the very least it will give you an indicator of her level of conscienciousness which will help you frame your game.

Some common responses and possible interpretations are:

  • Throw a party - You don't hold back in bed. You want it all and have big orgasms.
  • Giving money to her friends - Woah.. are you a swinger or something?
  • Relax, go to the beach - You take sex slowly and especially enjoy being intimate.
  • Travel - You're still playing the field. And why shouldn't you?
  • Study - You're a perfectionist waiting for Mr Right. I don't know if that is going to work.

If she is confused how winning the lottery relates to sex, just explain that it is because you have no limits. The original version of this quiz used a perfect holiday instead of winning the lottery but I found the lottery works better.

You can vary the questions if she doesn't get what is going on. For example instead of "what color are you?" you can use "if you were a color, what color would you be?" or if she is especially slow, just "what is your favorite color?" or "pick a color".

Also, point to yourself when you say "won the lottery".

Have fun.

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What Color Are You? Personality Test

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