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Why Doesn't He Want To Commit?

By , 5 December 2011

Why Doesn't He Want To Commit?
Why Doesn't He Want To Commit?

Today I discovered a new blogger, L Byron from Tigger Alert who has been recently posting about monogamy. Wanted to share some snippets from his blog with you:

Whenever I hear of women complaining 'why doesn't he want to commit? Why doesn't he want to settle down?' I always think the answer is actually blatantly obvious: it's because he's not a woman.

In men, the drive to settle down and be deeply in love with someone you want to share your life with AND the daily desire to still fuck everything that moves coexist perfectly naturally, without dissonance. They are compartmentalized. They are both true.

Regular sex with one woman is not the male goal. Falling in love might be, but monogamy is more a price men pay than the happy ending it is for women. It's really giving up his natural destiny to fulfill hers. Again, there is simply no way to translate for a woman just how much a man gives up to be with only her.

By a rather huge margin, the people self-reporting having the most sex in the world are single gay men. The people self-reporting the lowest amount of sex in the world are lesbians in long-term relationships. On a grossly simplified level, we have there the male/female polarity. Promiscuity is not a gay trait, it's a male trait.

Head on over to his blog to read more.

Why Doesn't He Want To Commit?

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Why Doesn't He Want To Commit?

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