Why You Don't Want To Kiss Her

By , 22 May 2013

Why You Don't Want To Kiss Her
Why You Don't Want To Kiss Her

So this chick just gave me her diary to read. It was kind of interesting. Mostly normal chick problems and stuff but amongst the verbal barrage was this revealing little piece of gold:

... he is a sweet person (already a turn off) and we had a really interesting, honest conversation (reminiscent of graceful Jesus) and he is a very good looking person who I am not attracted to but would totally be willing to make out with, preferably drunk.

Let's presume they make out.

Why You Don't Want To Kiss Her

You do not want to be this guy. He has no idea she is not attracted to him - that she is just using him to boost her self esteem. He will be left confused and possibly hurt when she disappears to go home with her friends at the end of the night.

But more than that, take a look at the logic:

  • he is sweet
  • they had an interesting, honest conversation
  • he is very good looking
  • she is not attracted to him

I can explain this. You see, you just need to read between the lines a bit. What she really is trying to say is:

  • he is sweet = he is low status and approval seeking
  • he is interesting = he told me everything I wanted to hear
  • he is good looking = he is boyish looking

Now you can see why she is not attracted to him.

Young girls are self esteem junkies.

Don't let them use you for make outs.

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Why You Don't Want To Kiss Her

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