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100% Love Guaranteed

“A spellbinding true story of love, passion and adventure. One can’t help but be swept away by 100% Love Guaranteed.”
—Dr Tammie Matson, author of Elephant Dance

I stared at the bare white wall of my cell. Cold anger began to boil within me. Anger at the cheaters who had tricked us; anger at the staff that had misadvised us; anger at the police who wouldn’t let me leave the country.

Sensing my inner fury, my cellmates left me to fester in my own negativity. They went about their business of entertaining themselves while they waited for the slow wheels of “justice” to turn. They played cards, traded drug-trafficking tips, and when they were especially bored, they called for the doctor, pretending to be dead. Many had been in prison for years, so what was an extra week or two? For some, it was a better life than the outside world offered them. At least in prison, they got food every day—even if it was served in a bucket.

To calm myself, I started writing. At first it was just the story of how I got arrested, but given that I had little else to do, my mind began to wander back to the memories of the many adventures that had led to my incarceration.

Those memories made me realise that, despite my anger, I was strangely happy. My memories were the evidence that I had lived. Some were good; some were ugly; some made me laugh; and others made me cry, but one way or another, my memories were proof that I had conquered my number one enemy: mundanity.

Here I was, wallowing in filth in a prison in Ecuador, yet somehow I felt I was winning the game of life. I was stewing in anger, yet I felt alive. I was locked behind bars, yet I felt free. I had no cash, yet I felt immensely rich. And in the back of my mind I knew why.

There are worse things than prison. I was living by my own rules. I had rejected a life of meaninglessness. I had dodged the daily grind, and I had let the Joneses have a bigger house. I had escaped the prison of society.

But more importantly, I had stumbled upon something wonderful. Something even more valuable than freedom. And that is what this story is about.


100% Love Guaranteed tells the story of Taty and Roger, a beautiful Ecuadorian girl and a young Australian man who stumble into each other’s lives. Their story begins in Ecuador, travels to the islands of the Galapagos, over the mountains of the Andes, to beach parties in Montañita, and breaks for a stint in prison in the city of Guayaquil.

Along the way, their relationship is continually tested—not only by their own issues, but also by external forces that threaten to undo them. Second languages, ex-girlfriends, jealousy, crime, family conflict, illness, attachments, lust, and even the police seem determined to tear them apart.

But Taty and Roger are in love, and True Love conquers all… or does it? Read their story and find out for yourself.


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100% Love Guaranteed, by Roger Keays

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100% Love Guaranteed

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