Roger Keays
problem solver
BE (Software) Hon 1

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  • Sunburnt Cloud. A tech platform for small businesses.

  • The Game of Your Life. A goal-oriented productivity app for Android which uses a scoring and bounty system.

  • Memory Genius. A spaced-repetition flashcard app for Android which uses cloze-deletion instead of traditional question-answer format.

  • Money Talks. An expense tracking app for Android which supports multiple currencies and double-entry accounting.

  • Fast Notes. A simple Android app for rapid note-taking.

  • Vimliner. Possibly the world's smallest and fastest outliner, built as Vim filetype plugin.

  • Vimjournal. A flexible file format for Vim for rapid journaling, note-taking and editing.

  • Vimcash. A fully fledged accounting system which reads text files in vimjournal format (under development).


  • racket-fluent. UNIX style pipes and a lambda shorthand syntax to make your Racket code more readable.

  • racket-dollar. An example #lang extension for Racket that uses $ for unquote.

  • NoVDL. A view description language for JSF which allows you to write views in pure Java.