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Cinerella Bug - Can't Insert Still Images

By , 23 April 2011

Cinerella Bug - Can't Insert Still Images

What a freaking train wreck. I just spent the last hour trying to figure out why I couldn't insert still images into my Cinelerra project. It turns out there a setting in the preferences dialog for the image duration of inserted stills. Guess what the default is? The default is OFF. WTF even a default of 0 would have been better.

And just to add salt to the wound, this setting is not visible on my laptop because of the small screen size. I had to hold down ALT and drag the window up to find it. It is in the preferences dialog at the bottom of the Recording tab:

Cinerella Bug - Can't Insert Still Images

Cinelerra Can't Insert Images bug


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Cinerella Bug - Can't Insert Still Images

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