Convert JPEG Images to PDF On Ubuntu

By , 23 November 2010

Convert JPEG Images to PDF On Ubuntu

You can convert multiple jpgs into a single pdf on Ubuntu Linux using ImageMagick like so:

$ convert *.jpg out.pdf

The problem with this is that it segfaults for me using jpegs, and if I use PNGs the resulting file is way too large. So I did some searching and found an even better tool for the job. It's called gscan2pdf and works flawlessy with jpeg images and lets you set all sorts of output options for the pdf.

Since it has a GUI it's also very easy to use. It's in the Ubuntu repository already, so all you need is:

$ apt-get install gscan2pdf

Great job gscan2pdf developers!

Convert JPEG Images to PDF On Ubuntu

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Convert JPEG Images to PDF On Ubuntu

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Comment posted by: Henoc Soares, 3 years ago

It works very nice! Thanks :)