Horizontal vs Vertical CSS Menus

By , 18 October 2007

Horizontal vs Vertical CSS Menus

Just yesterday I had a request from a customer to build a vertical menu down the side of the page in their design. I've always had a strong preference for horizontal menus, but have never really known exactly why. When trying to disuade my customer she naturally asked me this question: why?

Well, now I've thought about it I've come to the conclusion that there are some good reasons to go horizontal instead of vertical. Here are mine:

  • Being evenly distributed across the page, they create balance which makes you feel good.
  • They make better use of space as there is no vacuum below the menu which is common with vertical menus.
  • It's easier to read horizontally than vertically.
  • It's easier to move mouse side to side than vertically.
  • Submenus are easier to access as they have a larger area for the mouse to enter.
  • As people are generally lazy, the shorter menu items more common in horizontal menus are easier to read.

What do you think?

Horizontal vs Vertical CSS Menus

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Horizontal vs Vertical CSS Menus

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Comment posted by: Stefan, 15 years ago

Actually, study has shown that vertical listing (which a menu is) is easier to read and requires less eyemoment (less distraction). This is why parameters to functions should be put on separate lines if they exceed 3

Comment posted by: bob, 16 years ago
i like diagonal menus
Comment posted by: Dooglass, 16 years ago

I agree. Horizontal menu with drop down lists are by far the most efficient use of space and very easy and intuitive to navigate through. Vertical sidebars are a huge waste of content space that could be used for much better effect showing the actual content instead of links.

Comment posted by: Bruce, 16 years ago

It also depends upon the type of mouse - I use a track ball and the vertical is easier. Less movement needed.

I use vertical menus for fixed level - with grouping.

I use horizontal for menus requiring sub-menus

In some sites the top menu is the area menu and the vertical is the area navigation.

Problem with horizontals: need more movement to select, Fixed amount of room (vertical can scroll easier),  allow room below for additional info.

Comment posted by: Opairah, 16 years ago


Comment posted by: Georg, 16 years ago

Whether your preference for horizontal menus is a good one, or not, depends entirely on the layout of the page and the menu itself.